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WordPress Speed & Security Optimization Services


WordPress Speed

In today’s world we are all busy and want immediate results. A slow website is a website that will lose most of its users even before it stops loading. And the increasing usage of mobile and tablet devices, making up to 90% of your traffic, only made speed optimization even more critical. 

To have an effective website you need a blazingly fast loading time that wows your visitors.

Your website will be tested thoroughly, and then we will apply the right optimizations like: compressing images, minifying CSS & JS, using cache, lowering the number of requests made, applying the right plugins configuration and many more.

And, if you don’t have one, we will install Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) so you get faster loading times.


WordPress Security

WordPress powers around 38% of the websites worldwide, making it a prime target for the baddies. Malware and hacks are becoming increasingly common.

It’s simple economy: the baddies get more money targeting WordPress than any other platform due to the sheer volume of websites available that use it, similarly to what happens with Windows on desktop computers.

We will do a security audit and then start working in all areas like PHP version, user accounts, login access, database and filesystem security, firewall, brute-force attacks and SPAM prevention and many more.

We will also make sure you have an automatic backup system in place so your website is always safely stored in the cloud.


Speed & Security
Optimization Bundle

The bundle to finish all bundles. The magical package. Speed and security go hand in hand. If your beautiful website is loading under 1 second but it’s advertising the not so beautiful fake viagra store… well, it’s a problem.

And imagine if your website is safer than Fort Knox but loads so slow that not only your future clients are leaving… but even the hackers can’t take it either and leave too!

Your website needs to be both fast and secure and that’s what this bundle offers. If you’re serious about your website you definitely need to consider it.


Add-on: Heatmaps &
Video Analytics

A really cool add-on for any of our packages. Get real time insights on how your future clients are using your site, so you know what’s working and what isn’t.

You’ll get first heatmaps of your 3 main pages, so you see where users are paying attention and where not, how far they scroll and where do they click. 

Then you get….video recordings! Yes, you can see how each user interacts with your website. How they are moving around, clicking, where do they stop or continue… just as if you were by their side while they use your website.


WOW Client Experience

No WordPress service is worth anything without a perfect attention to detail, fast communication, mutual understanding and speedy results. You will never feel like just a number here.

We make sure every customer gets a premium concierge service. That’s WPSanta’s WOW client experience. You’ll be as happy with our service as a kid on Christmas morning.

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