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The Santa That Brings You Speed & Security for Your Website.
Merry WordPress!

Stop losing clients to your competitors due to a slow site. Avoid pesky malware and hacks.


We Keep Your WordPress Website Secure and in Tip-Top Shape


WordPress Speed

You're leaving money on the table by having a slow website. 58% of mobile visitors will leave your site if it doesn't load under 3 seconds.

If humanly possible, with your website we will aim to load under 3 seconds (and we achieve it on most websites!) and a +80% score on performance tests.


WordPress Security

WordPress websites are the most commonly hacked websites. Investing on cleaning or rebuilding your website, loss of income & reputation, stolen client name it.

Those are the consequences of a non-secure website.
Let us help you avoid that (and lower your blood pressure several points in the process).


Speed & Security
Bundle Package

Our most demanded package for serious website owners.
Get your website both loading amazingly fast and with enterprise-level security measures.

A fast hacked website is useless and a slow secure one also. We will help you in these 2 crucial areas so you get a world-class website.


Add-on: Heatmaps &
Video Analytics

Available with any of our packages. Learn how your visitors interact with your website with heatmaps of your pages and video recordings.

You'll be able to see your future clients as they scroll, click and navigate your website. James Bond stuff, isn't it?

Why Choose Us?

WordPress Pros Delivering a WOW Client Experience

WordPress is our bread and butter. We breathe WordPress. Our kids are named after WordPress plugins.

When partnering with WPSanta for your WordPress website speed & security needs you not only get our WordPress vast expertise but also our strong commitment to offer stellar customer service.

We make sure every client gets a premium concierge service. We have fun working and that shows in our communication style. No robot-like responses and coldness. We are humans and we enjoy working with fellow humans.


Meet WPSanta's Founder

Welcome to the North Pole! I’m Xavi Florensa, proud founder and CEO of WPSanta. 

Having managed a web design agency for many years made me realize the BIG need there was for a speed & security optimization service. Most of our revamping website jobs involved improving the speed of a slow site or fixing a hacked website.

As with everything in life, you can only be excellent when you specialize and that’s what we did with WPSanta: we focus solely on speed & security for WordPress websites.

We strive to offer our WOW client experience as one of our key differentiators: I personally dealt before with companies that made me feel like a number and it’s something I want to make sure doesn’t happen to you when becoming part of our family.

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wpsanta xavi

Choose Your Package

  • WordPress Speed
    $179/ £139
  • WordPress Security
    $139/ £109
  • WordPress Speed & Security Bundle
    $249/ £189
    Save $69 / £52 !
  • Add-on: Heatmaps & Video Analytics
    $49/ £39

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We create backups and a copy of your site (staging environment) and work on the copy while your site remains live.

Once everything is completed and tested we push it to your live site.

We aim to finish your site speed and security optimization within 2-3 days.

We work with you wherever your website is hosted. If you’re not happy with your current hosting provider or want to change to a better one, we can recommend you excellent WordPress hosting companies.

Your website will greatly improve in both loading speed time and audit scores. We aim to have your site loading under 3 seconds whenever possible, and have a +80% score on speed performance tests.

There’s no 100% unhackable site. WordPress hackers go after the low-hanging fruit or easy objectives, as they need less resources to get a higher number of websites hacked.

We will make your site improve heavily in all security areas, so it won’t be an easy objective anymore.

After the initial discovery call we will provide you instructions on how to provide us the login credentials using a safe self-destructing link.


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